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A professional company founded back in October, 1989, specializes in MEP consttruction, and provides our clients Engineering design, purcurement, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services for more than 20 years.

The Core Values of the company’s: Ability, Reliability, Efficiency, Advance (hence the name AREA), we have grown significantly with the world known reputation in EPC provider.


AREA GROUP, with a strong workforce of 123 employees, 60 are dedicated in the engineering division,  our extensive experience in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) is second to none when it comes to nuclear power, renewable, and civil construction Turn-Key projects.

AREA Energy, Inc., is a power plant EPC provider with more than 20 years of experiences in power plant. Started with TPC’s Chinshan NPS, Kousheng NPS, Maanshan NPS and Lungmen NPS, AREA Energy is carrying net worth of USD112 million in projects. Started 2008, AREA Energy has expanded its own product lines and services overseas as we are always looking for win/win business opportunities world-wide.

AREA Material Supplies, Inc., is an expert in foreign trading, material supplying, and logistics. 

Backed by strong alliances globally, AREA Material Supplies is ready to fulfill all the needs from the customers!

AREA Energy.Inc. (Pingtung), is a self-owned factory located in Pingtung export processing zone, in charge of all pre-fabrications and manufacturing processes. 

AREA Energy, Inc. (Pingtung) is holder of ASME N, NPT, and U stampes with ISO 9001:2000. Best quality is our mission!


AREAWELL Networks, Inc.

AREAWELL Networks, Inc., is an expert in R/D, manufacturing, integration in electronics. AREAWELL Networks, Inc. offers the most innovative electronics manufacturing solutions and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our highly skilled teams have the engineering and manufacturing expertise required to manufacture the most demanding mix of product requirements.

AREAWELL Networks Inc. committed to provide the next generation network solutions, Internet of things and integrating cloud network platform to provide high quality, high reliability and price decent product, while the pursuit of carbon reduction environmental aspirations.

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