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AREAWELL is an engineering company providing electrical and mechanical engineering services. We focus primarily on technically challenging projects in telecommunications, data networking where our experience and technical ingenuity can help the project team achieve a successful product.


We offer engineering services such as:

  • Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per custom specifications
  • Embedded systems design
    (hardware and firmware/software)
  • PCB (printed circuit board)design &
    prototyping (single & multilayer)
  • Complete electronic product design from concept to completion
  • Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs
  • Custom software development
  • General electrical / electronics consultant services
  • EMI / EMC compliance

AREAWELL is a design-to-manufacturing system integrator specialist

  • with System-level engineering experience
  • with high-speed hardware design experience
  • with logic design and integration experience
  • with Custom & off-the-shelf core design and integration experience
  • with software design experience
  • with operation experience
PCB Layout
AREAWELL has deep expertise in PCB layout design. Our PCB designers have experience with many applications, including telecommunications, networking, analog, RF, PDA, and Compact PCI.

We can take a project from top level specification discussions through FPGA partitioning and block level design using top level down methodology to a final description of the design implementation ready to program the required FPGAs.

Electronic Circuit Schematic
We have designed a range of products:

  • System control card with GE uplink interface
  • ADSL service card
  • VoIP service module
  • POTS service card
  • T1/E1 service card   

High-Speed Signal Integrity Analysis and EMI/EMC
AREAWELL provides Signal Integrity Analysis with our turnkey high-speed /high-density designs to help ensure a first-time-right design.

High-Speed Digital (100MHz - 10GHz)
Overshoot/Undershoot,Impedance Matching,Signal Slope Requirements EMI/EMC Analysis,Ringing,Bus Architecture,Bypass/Decoupling Capacitors ,Board Delay & Timing,Trace Separation,Low-skew Clocking, Fast Switching , Cross-talk, Ground Bounce, Split Ground Planes, Shielding.

Analog / RF (50MHz - 40GHz)
Noise Figure, Substrate Noise,Active Component Parameters, Parasitic Coupling, Width/Spacing/Length of Fingers, Transmission Lines, Grounded Transmission Line, Discontinuities, RF Signal Control, Non-linear / Linear Noise of Non-linear Devices, Optimization Limits, Tuning to standard values, EMI/EMC Analysis.

Engineering Prototype Fabrication
AREAWELL can work with you to move your product from concept to prototype. We also can coordinate your component venders with Manufacturers to build the prototype with first-time-right.

Board Bring-Up and Debug
With decent experience and skill, we are very fast at bringing up new board.The process to bring up a new board is conducted in our well-equipped lab. We also develop board-level diagnostics tool to ensure that you receive fully functional boards, ready for system integration test.

Embedded Software Development
AREAWELL open integrated solution accelerates embedded software development while ensuring high quality. By combining safety critical software expertise from the avionics industry with distributed, communication applications expertise from the telecommunications industry, our solution provides your software development team with the environment they need to develop complex, distributed, safety critical embedded software.


AREAWELL offers the most innovative Electronics Manufacturing Solutions and Services to meet the needs of our customers. Our highly skilled teams have the engineering and manufacturing expertise required to manufacture the most demanding mix of product requirements. As a manufacturer of sub-assemblies and finished goods for Telecommunications,Data Networking and Industrial device ODM's / OEM's, we offer an optimized mix of business and supply chain solutions, technology and talent. Our precision thinking and persistent execution drives your vision forward.

AREAWELL has perfected numerous manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing is characterized by its flexibility. AREAWELL automated manufacturing and prototype processes give customers a flexible, skilled and affordable mix of product services. Our Customer Focused Teams provide quick response to changing demands that drives our formal cost reduction efforts.

At AREAWELL, we possess multiple capabilities to accommodate a wide range of lot size, delivery schedule and cost requirements. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities delivers low cost, volume manufacturing solutions with time-to-market objectives and minimized procurement, materials management, and manufacturing costs.

Maximum flexibility is achieved through sophisticated, company-wide intranet scheduling and communications systems that position customer need as the focal point for all business operations. Our manufacturing capacity includes multiple SMT lines and Pin Through Hole lines allowing for operational efficiency and speed-to-market.


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